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Lino printing/Cutting


Linocut is a fascinating art form that offers incredible variety. From the technique to the styles to the possible results, it's a medium that lends itself to a wide range of creative expression.

Whether subtle colors, few color changes or high-contrast results - everything is possible. The linocut print offers countless possibilities to create the desired mood and atmosphere, which is incredibly important to me and can also be seen in the different collections! What fascinates me most about it is the fact that it enables me to capture my creative ideas on paper.

Every single print is like a small work of art that represents a very special snapshot of my inner world and ideas.

So "whirl" is aimed at creating contrasts, but is quite calm and balanced on the same side. In contrast, the "uh, oh" collection gives a clear message which could even be labeled NSFW as blood and injuries are depicted. You can work and play with these different effects in a variety of ways. I hope that this effect of the pictures captivates you as much as it does me. 😊

YOU're intersted in my art?

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