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Über mich


Raeven Jobst


Hey, so glad you're here! Name's Raeven. I'm a passionate non-binary artist who mainly works with linoprints.


I've been drawing since eternity with a lot of enthusiasm. It's my way to handle tangled thoughts, emotions and creative batches. Unfortunately there was a time where my creativity was stuck but with a lot of gained new energy I was able to create again! The art form of lino printing came into my life and helped me with such a big task.


With this new fascinating technique I was able to give my ideas a new life in a way I didn't know before. Carving the designs calms me down and gives me the opportunity to concentrate on the present which is usually very hard for me between all of the hustle and bustle.

Hopefully my art activates something inside of you and brings you as much joy as it brings me 😊

Thank you so much for reading my story! Your visit on this page and when I'm at flea-markets as well as your interest for my art means incredibly much <3

To read more about linocuts click here.

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